Tribute to Nils-Ole Lund: Greatest Collage Artist; Architecture, Howard Roark, and Greatness.

By Avey Paladin.
       Nils-Ole Lund's artwork is not of the struggle, but of the threaded essence between Humanity's constructions and Nature's productions. Lund's art reflects the greatness of Man abreast the greatness of the Earthly womb that birthed him. 

Trouble in Heaven, Presentation Collage 1991:

The Tower of Babel, 1970:

Trafiknettet, 1979 (Revised 1993):

The Future of Architecture, 1979:

The Fashion of Architecture, 1986:

Venturi Visits Las Vegas, 1976:

Architectural Outlook, 1987:

Collage City, 1980:



An Architectural Hat, 1979:


1992 Collage | RNDRD

Rebirth, 1991:

Nils-Ole Lund Collage | RNDRD

The House in the Cliff, 

Picnic in the Grey:

Nils-Ole Lund | Photo, Architecture, Painting

In Honor of Mies Van der Rohe, 1983:

loOuisfernandes on Twitter: "Nils-Ole Lund #collage #architecture… "

On the Bottom of the Sea, 1991:

Nils-Ole Lund. A+U 258 Mar 1992, 24 | RNDRD

The Architect Niels Torp, 1987:

Heavy Metal, 1987 





First the Building Then the Site, 1982: 

 The Role of History, 1984: 

The Fashion of Architecture, 1986: 

Architectural Call Girl, 1987: 

Skyscraper on the Rocks: 

The Triumph of Postmodern, 1985: 

El Museet:



 Acropolis, 1991:   

Similar collage artists:

  • Robert Rauschenberg
  • Damian Darmain
  • Kjell Lund and Håkon Christie
  • Hugo Barros

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